What about technical materials?

Apple produced a /// Service Manual that includes schematics,
information, service tips, etc., along with a host of Technical
Notes. WAP has a copy of the Service Manual and can make copies for
those interested. The cost for a copy of the double-sided manual
(printing + P&H) is $75.00 (the manual is huge). All the Apple ///
Tech Notes are available on Apple's EWorld On-Line Service. WAP is
working to convert the information into a set of PD disks for the ///
PD library, since EWorld is only available to Mac or (soon) PC Users.

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What about Apple /// books?

Only a few books were ever written about the Apple ///. There are
three specific books worth mentioning:

The Osborne/Mcgraw Hill Guide To Your Apple /// is the first book
on the list. The other two are by Eddie Adamis: Basic Keywords for
the Apple // and Business Basic for the Apple ///. The Guide covers
only the Apple /// and not the Plus version. The author is Stanley M.
Miastokowski. It's a good, beginning-level test for new /// owners
and good to have for us older SARAsaurs who've had their machines
around for a while. It has a good overview of Business Basic and
sections on the .Audio and .Grafix drivers that are excellent.

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Are there any Apple /// newsletters or magazines?

There is really only one publication that still has articles most
every other month - the WAP Journal. It's available only to WAP
members. However, ALL Apple /// articles for the last 10 years are on
disk and available to all. Call or write to the WAP office for more
details and costs.

On Three also published an excellent magazine that came out for
years. It provided a wide range of reviews (usually of its own
products), beginners tutorials and a letters section. Back issues and
"Disk of the Month" disks available from Joe Consorti (see

You might also want to check out the WAP /// SIG PD Library, which

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Where can I get my Apple /// repaired?

These are some of the best sources - but be sure to call the WAP
office if you're a member, since the club has experts that may be
able to help you without the long-distance 900 charges.

Company: Sun Remarketing
Phone : 1-800-821-3221
Contact: Bob Cook
Address: P.O. Box 4059
Logan, UT. 84321

Contact: Bob Consorti
Phone : 1-617-631-0622
Address: 179-B Kent St.
Brookline, MA. 02148

Contact: Tom Linders
Phone : 1-408-741-1001
Address: 1204 Wardel Ct.
Saratoga, CA. 95070

Contact: WM Enterprises
Phone : 1-301-268-4242
Address: 1932-D Lincoln Drive

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Are there still sources for hardware and commercial software?

Yes, there are still some places we can go to obtain not only the
old-line products like Visicalc, Apple Writer, and /// EZ Pieces, but
new hardware and software that is still being developed for us.

Joe Consorti
Apple /// Products,
6303 Green Garden Drive,
Bakersfield, California 93313
(NOTE - This is a NEW Address as of 6/95)

As excellent source of software (primarily). On Three's programs
include BOS3 - the new SOS Upgrade, DAR - a disk archival and
retrieval program (shareware, Disk Directory/File Fixer /// - a
must-have repair disk. There's also Draw-On Three (a graphics

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Where can I find public domain software?

At this point in time, WAP is your best bet for PD offerings -
there are some 250+ disks. Costs for the software is minimal and the
slection is excellent (the entire library was just reorganized to
make it easier to use). There are some unique offerings along with
many of the "old standbys." You will get a better deal on PD software
by joining WAP.

Most disks are double-sided and self-booting. WAP is the only
active Apple /// group remaining, and the only one still actively
developing PD software for the Apple ///. Software is also available
on the WAP TCS - an 8 system BBS that includes a complete file

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Where do I find information about the ///?


A user group is a great way to obtain more information about the
Apple ///. Members are knowledgable, ready to answer questions and
most offer PD (public domain) libraries with Apple /// software.
There is only one Apple /// user group still active:
Washing Apple Pi
/// SIG
12022 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD. 20852
(303) 984-0300
Check out WAP PD disks 3INF-01 through 15, as well as WAP01-10 for


The best place is on CompuServe, where SARAsaurs meet on board 13
of the Micronetworked Apple Users Group (MAUG) (GO APPUSER). MAUG's
Apple /// section (13) provides a fantastic forum for information
exchange, and its Data Libraries for the /// has a number of files
for downloading. (WAP PD DISK 3INF-03 offers the "Best of MAUG" for
the ///.)
Apple's EWORLD On-Line service offers some Apple /// services - Apple
// tech notes are available for download. Unforunetly, it is only
available to Mac or (soon) PC folks. (WAP is working to convert these
files to include them into our PD).


There's only one real place to go on the Internet for Apple ///
discussions - West Virginia University! Message:


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What about emulation mode?

Your /// can operate as-is in an emulation mode to make it think
it's a 48k Apple//+ (WAP has the emulation software: Disk 3EMM-01).
Titan made a ///+// card for the /// you might also be able to find -
it increased memory up to 128k in //+ emulation and offered a RAM
disk in native mode.

You might also be on the lookout at computer garage sales for the
"Titan ///+//e" - a set of two cards that turns your /// into a 128k
//e. You'll want to add a 65c802 CPU (in place of the 6502) to ensure
compatibility with newer Apple // programs (it has no effect on
native mode applications). The cards offer a RAM disk in native mode

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What is BOS3?

BOS3 is a wonderful upgrade to SOS, released in December, 1994.
Developer by Bob Consorti, it was financed entirely by the Apple ///
community. BOS3 adds a tremendous number of capabilities to the ///
with a hard disk. They include an easy to set-up and use menu system,
disk caching, password protection, screen saver, macro capability to
run programs with just two keystroke and compatibility with Selector
/// pathnames. It is available from On Three (Bob Consorti).

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What's this about SOS?

As mentioned earlier, the Apple /// uses an operating system
called SOS, or Sophisticated Operating System. It is entirely
ram-based. That means every time you load a program, it loads the
operating system as well. You will find three files on all program
disks: SOS.Kernel; SOS Interp and SOS.Driver. The KERNEL is the
operating system itself. You want to make sure you have the latest
version: 1.3. You can tell what version you have when you boot up.
You will see a message that tells you the version along with the
Apple copyright. You can get an auto-upgrade disk from WAP - ask for
disk #sys-01.

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