Apple II

Apple ][ out of memory

Apple II Plus system board without 16K Language card boots correctly.
Ctrl-Reset give the flashing prompt.
Even typing HOME returns an out of memory error.
Installing known good 16K Language card computer boot normally
but when typing HOME the screen goes to gibberish.

I know memory issues with these old critters can drive you into the nut house.
Any idea on where to start?


Apple IIc questions...

I just picked up an Apple IIc and I have a couple of questions. It came with an external 5.25" drive, a couple of joysticks and a mono monitor. I have no disks to test. Without a physical floppy disk or the ability to make one, is there anything that I can do to test this computer? It powers on just fine and I get the Apple IIc line at the top of the screen and Check Disk Drive at the bottom... I plugged in the external drive and it doesn't do much of anything (I see the red power light flash briefly when I turn on the computer).

Thank you,


Apple II Cards: Most Useful / Least Useful?

Hi, all.

Just for fun, as it relates to current times use, what is your opinion of the most useful and least useful Apple II card (II / II+ / IIe / IIGS - your choice)

For most useful, I say Apple Disk II Controller Card

For least useful, I would say a 300 baud modem.


Vintage Computer Festival South East 2018!

The annual Vintage Computer Festival South East is being held in Roswell, GA the weekend of April 21st!

Hope to see some folks there! This is being held in our NEW museum facility - which is under construction but you can get a sneak peek at the new facility AND have a chance to poke at cool vintage computers and electronics all at once!

Atlanta Historical Computer Society


Anyone have a spare IOU chip for a iie ntsc part number 344-0020?

Guys, I am looking for an Apple iie NTSC IOU chip, part number 344-0020. Anyone got a spare?


Alphasyntauri and Passport Systems synthesizers, Mountain Hardware etc

I have a complete Alphasyntauri synthesizer going on sale!


Disk II Controller clone -- Anyone ever seen one like this?

Anyone ever seen one of these? If so, who the heck makes it?


That old thing for sale

Apple II 2068 Rev 0 for sale



I think the Apple IIGS has some interesting terminology
and phrases.
I am going through the Firmware Reference and there
is a Q register.

Q register? What is that?
It is a Quagmire Register.

What the hell is a Quagmire register?
Quagmire meaning

A) A soft boggy land that gives underfoot
Dirol an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation.

None of the above.
Apple's definition is Speedy.

Hmm. Speedy. What like the Quagmire character in
Family Guy.
Where they referencing the Future, or was
Seth taking an Apple reference in his show?



How to read AWP files and ASP files

I have some 5 1/4 floppy disks, they have both AWP and ASP files. How do I read these files? Thanks in advance.



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