Defect keyboard controller in Apple /// ?

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Defect keyboard controller in Apple /// ?


I have a Apple /// bought as defect , now working after help from this forum,

There is one problem left, the keyboard is not working properly , keys 1,Q,S,X,3,6 and 9 does not work. . All these keys are connected to Y1 in the keyboard. The separate key contacts are OK and the connection Y1 from the keyboard to pin 18 on the keyboard controller 341-0035 is OK. All other keys are OK.

Maybe its the 341-0035 thats defect. There is some information that Apple IIe , IIc and III has the same KB controller ?

Is it safe to test the Apple /// with a KB controller from Appple IIe? Will it work??



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Unfortunately I believe 341

Unfortunately I believe 341-0035 is only used on the Apple ///. I think the pinout for the Apple II encoder is the same but the key mapping will be different so you won't get the correct keys displayed.

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We don't really have a good replacement option for the keyboard controller. Its something that we need someone to make up an alternative either using a microcontroller or maybe using the KR3600 pro.


There has been some dicussion on the Apple3 facebook group regarding the micro controller option, not to sure how far this has gone. Maybe you can join that and have a search for keyboard controller.


The other option would be something like this:



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