gsmcten has passed away

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gsmcten has passed away

I'm sad to announce that Steven Morgan (gsmcten) has passed away. He was a helpful, kind, and knowledgable member of our community. I'll miss seeing his posts in our forums.


Like others here, I was concerned about Steven after he stopped posting, following an illness. About three weeks ago, I tracked down Steven's number and left him a voicemail. I regret that I didn't follow up. Thank you to George for sending me his obituary.


Frederick News Post wrote:

Steven L. Morgan, 65, of Severn, MD, passed away on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at Cadia Healthcare in Annapolis, MD, from complications due to lung cancer.

He was the son of David “Whitey” Morgan and Gloria A. (Hawker) Morgan of Frederick and Annapolis, MD.


Steve served 23 years in the U.S. Navy and after retiring worked as a Technical Writer. He had a great love for music, science fiction and building WWII models. He also collected baseball cards and Apple computers.

He is survived by his sister, Robin, and her husband, Robert Vanskiver of Glen Burnie, MD, as well as numerous cousins. Internment will be private.


In lieu of cards of flowers, please make a donation to Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, 750 E. Pratt St., Ste. 1700, Baltimore, MD 21202 with a memo indicating that this is a gift in memory of Steve.

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gsmcten has passed away

Very sad news.  Thanks for letting us know.

I did not know him personally but I know he was a good man.  We all know  Steve through his "This is Laughable"  posts.  He kept it real.

Steve will be greatly missed here.  Rest in peace my friend.

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Cancer sucks.  RIP gsmcten.

Cancer sucks.  RIP gsmcten.


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Very very sad news....... RIP

Very very sad news....... RIP


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Sad news indeed. :-(

Sad news indeed. :-(

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So so sorry to hear

I found this site after one of Steve's posts. We had numerous conversations and he ended up with lots of my early Apple II hardware and software.

He was surely an ardent fan and quite a nice guy. We'll miss you Steve.

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Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know. That is sad to read. He seemed like a very nice man. RIP.

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Oh dear..

Oh dear..

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Rest in peace, Steve. You

Rest in peace, Steve. You were a very knowledgeable man.

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Very sorry to hear of this..

Very sorry to hear of this...I vaguely seem to remember that he was battling cancer, but apparently it was farther along than he let on. Sending good thoughts to his family.

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My most sincere condollences

My most sincere condollences to his family and close friends...


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Steven was a wealth of knowledge, and I genuinely enjoyed reading his posts and seeing his thoughts and opinions related to old Apple computers.


He seemed to be a genuine, honest and nice person - something that is all too rare in this day in age - and we will all miss him!


Condolences to his family and loved ones, you are in our thoughts.



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Its really hurts to see so

Its really hurts to see so many good people go too early. He will be missed.

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Sorry to hear this , my

Sorry to hear this , my condolence to the family. 

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